Ouplaas Campsite

Ouma se huis also offers Ouplaas Campsite, which is designed to facilitate the enjoyment of its natural surroundings without distraction, is situated at the foot of the southern Cederberg Mountains under lush old oak trees. Ruins of the oldest buildings on the farm have been adapted to provide facilities for small camping groups of up to 35 people. These facilities include a communal kitchen with a scullery area and work surfaces, but no cooking equipment; braai areas; and an open air (although private) cold shower facing the mountain. An ablution block equipped with 4 hot-water showers and 4 flush toilets. The hot water is furnished by a “donkey” boiler which is the responsibility of campers to fire (firewood for the “donkey” and for braais is available from the hosts at a small fee, or you may bring your own). There is solar-powered lighting inside these buildings.

There is a small ‘splash’ dam at the campsite, and a shallow river nearby for cooling off in during the summer months.

Accommodating environmental camps was one of the primary purposes of this campsite – although smaller, private, groups are also welcomed. The campsite is, as described above, simply equipped – but very spacious within the spectacular setting.


  • It is accessible using high rise vehicles only.
  • Sorry no pets allowed.

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